Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies (in English)

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本シリーズは、欧米中心の英文出版に対して、質・量ともにレベルアップしているアジアからの地域研究の成果を世界にむけ発信していくニーズの高まりを受け、2009年に創刊されました。京都大学学術出版会とシンガポールのNational University of Singapore Pressとの共同で出版しています。


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24. Wayward Distractions: Ornament, Emotion, Zombies and the Study of Buddhism in Thailand.
  Justin Thomas McDaniel. September, 2021.

23. The Phantom World of Digul: Policing as Politics in Colonial Indonesia, 1926-1941.
   Takashi Shiraishi. November, 2021.

22. Unraveling Myanmar’s Transition:
  Progress, Retrenchment, and Ambiguity Amidst Liberalization

  Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Elliott Prasse-Freeman, and Patrick Strefford, eds.
  February, 2020.

21. Writing History in America’s Shadow: Japan, the Philippines, and the Question of Pan-Asianism.
  Takamichi Serizawa. February, 2020.

20. Networked: Business and Politics in Decentralizing Indonesia, 1998-2004.
  Wahyu Prasetyawan. September, 2018.

19. Liberalism and the Postcolony: Thinking the State in 20th Century Philippines.
  Lisandro E. Claudio. March, 2017.

18. Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor.
  Wataru Kusaka. February, 2017.

17. Central Banking As State Building:
  Policymakers and Their Nationalism in the Philippines,1933-1964.

  Yusuke Takagi. March, 2016.

16. Marriage Migration in Asia: Emerging Minorities at the Frontiers of Nation-States.
  Sari K. Ishii, eds. February, 2016.

15. Catastrophe and Regeneration in Indonesia’s Peatlands: Ecology, Economy and Society.
  Kosuke Mizuno, Motoko S. Fujita, and Shuichi Kawai, eds. February, 2016.

14. Indonesian Women and Local Politics: Islam, Gender and Networks in Post-Suharto Indonesia.
  Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi. March, 2015.

13. Identity and Pleasure: The Politics of Indonesian Screen Culture.
  Ariel Heryanto. August, 2014.

12. The Chinese Question: Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and beyond the Philippines.
  Caroline S. Hau. April, 2014.

11. Migration Revolution: Philippine Nationhood & Class Relations in a Globalized Age.
  Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr. May, 2014.

10. Living with Risk: Precarity & Bangkok’s Urban Poor.
  Tamaki Endo. February, 2014.

9. Organising under the Revolution: Unions & the State in Java, 1945-48.
  Jafar Suryomenggolo. February, 2013.

8. Strong Soldiers, Failed Revolution: The State and Military in Burma, 1962-88.
  Nakanishi, Yoshihiro. March, 2013.

7. Popular Culture Co-productions and Collaborations in East and Southeast Asia.
  Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari, eds. November, 2012.

6. Industrialization with a Weak State: Thailand’s Development in Historical Perspective.
  Somboon Siriprachai.
  Kaoru Sugihara, Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker, eds. August, 2012.

5. Questioning Modernity in Indonesia and Malaysia.
  Wendy Mee and Joel S. Kahn, eds. June, 2012.

4. China and the Shaping of Indonesia, 1949-1965.
  Hong Liu. November, 2011.

3. Traveling Nation-Makers:
 Transnational Flows and Movements in the Making of Modern Southeast Asia.

  Caroline S. Hau and Kasian Tejapira, eds. February, 2011.

2. Populism in Asia.
  Mizuno, Kosuke and Pasuk Phongpaichit, eds. September, 2009.

1. The Economic Transition in Myanmar after 1988: Market Economy versus State Control.
  Fujita, Koichi, Mieno, Fumiharu and Okamoto, Ikuko, eds. March, 2009.