Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies

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This series was inaugurated in 1966 at the time of the foundation of CSEAS, along with the Japanese language series, Tonanajia-Kenkyu-Sosho. University of Hawaii Press has published the titles after Volume 7, and presently there are 21 titles.  Submitted manuscripts first go through the refereeing process by the publications committee of CSEAS, where three top scholars in the field are asked to referee. Then, the manuscript is sent to the University of Hawaii Press, where it undergoes the press’s own editorial screening. As a university press, high readability and marketability is required in addition to scholarly merit. Production is done by University of Hawai’i Press.

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【Back Numbers】
21.Uncultural Behavior: An Anthropological Investigation of Suicide in the Southern Philippines.
aaaaCharles J-H Macdonald. 2007.

20.Tropical Rain Forests of Southeast Asia: A Forest Ecologist’s View.
aaaaYamada, Isamu. 1997.

19.Food and Population in a Northeast Thai Village.
aaaaFukui, Hayao. 1993.

18.Democracy and Leadership: The Rise of the Taman Siswa Movement in Indonesia.
aaaaTsuchiya, Kenji. 1988.

17.Agricultural Development of a Tropical Delta: A Study of the Chao Phraya Delta.
aaaaTakaya, Yoshikazu. 1987.

16.Sangha, State, and Society: Thai Buddhism in History.
aaaaIshii, Yoneo. 1986.

15.Population Growth of Indonesia:
aaaaAn Analysis of Fertility and Mortality Based on the 1971 Population Census.

aaaaCho, Lee-Jay, Suharto, S., Mcnicoll, G. and Mamas, S. G. M. 1980.

14.Three Malay Villages: A Sociology of Paddy Growers in West Malaysia.
aaaaKuchiba, Masuo, Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro and Maeda, Narifumi. 1979.

13.Fertility Transition of the East Asian Populations.
aaaaCho, Lee-Jay and Kobayashi, Kazumasa, eds. 1980.

12.Thailand: A Rice-Growing Society.
aaaaIshii, Yoneo, ed. 1978.

11.Japanese Investment in Southeast Asia.
aaaaYoshihara, Kunio. 1978.

10.Paddy Soils in Tropical Asia.
aaaaKawaguchi, Keizaburo and Kyuma, Kazutake. 1977.

9.Southeast Asia: Nature, Society and Development.
aaaIchimura, Shinichi, ed. 1977.

8.The Japanese and Sukarno’s Indonesia: Tokyo-Jakarta Relation, 1951-66.
aaaNishihara, Masashi. 1976.

7.The Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia.
aaaIchimura, Shinichi, ed. 1975.

6.Alor Janggus, A Chinese Community in Malaya. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaMaeda, Kiyoshige. 1967.

5.Lowland Rice Soils in Malaya. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaKawaguchi, Keizaburo and Kyuma, Kazutake. 1969.

4.Lowland Rice Soils in Thailand. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaKawaguchi, Keizaburo and Kyuma, Kazutake. 1969.

3.Geology and Mineral Resources in Thailand and Malaya. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaTakimoto, Kiyoshi, ed. 1968.

2.Glutinous Rice in Northern Thailand. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaWatabe, Tadayo. 1967.

1.Field Crops in Thailand. Kyoto: CSEAS.
aaaSato, Takashi. 1966.