Chiiki-Kenkyu-Sosho (in Japanese)

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This series started in 1995, celebrating the 30th anniversary of CSEAS. It has become a well-recognized series for their high-quality title, several of which have won prizes.

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38. Film and Area Studies about Human Relationships Emerging through Disease as a Trigger: The Making of a Documentary Film Resonating with a HIV-positive Patient in Northern Thailand
NAOI, Riyo. November, 2019.

37. A Study on Kartini’s Letters: Comparing Door Duisternis tot Licht with Brieven
TOMINAGA, Yasuyo. May, 2019.

36. Debt-Slave and Land Mortgage Contracts in the 18th-19th Centuries Burma:
Another Interpretation of Early Modern Southeast Asian Societies

SAITO, Teruko. February, 2019.

35. Potentialities of Care in Southeast Asia: Practice of Life’s Connectivities
HAYAMI, Yoko, ed. February, 2019.

34. A Village Without Daughters:
Bride Shortage, Marriage Migration and Women’s Belonging among the Lahu of Southwest China

HORIE, Mio. March, 2018.

33. Production of History: Narrating and Silencing Southeast Asia’s Past
KOIZUMI, Junko, ed. February, 2018.

32. Weaving the Market: Traders and Contract Rural Hand-Weaving Sector in Laos
OHNO, Akihiko. March, 2017.

31. “Memay” Widows Living in Rural Cambodia: the Social System Preventing from Poverty
SATO, Nao. February, 2017.

30. Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Politics of Stabilization in Indonesia
OKAMOTO, Masaaki. June, 2015.

29. Resources, Politics and Violence: Local Politics in Contemporary Indonesia
MORISHITA, Akiko. March, 2015.

28. Center-Local Relationship in Lao PDR:
       Local Administration of Provincial Governor under the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party

SETO, Hiroyuki. March, 2015.

27. The Making of Large Landholding in the Mekong Delta during the French Colonial Period
TAKADA, Yoko. March, 2014.

26. Homesteads and Indigenous Knowledge: Rural Life and Women in Bangladesh
YOSHINO, Keiko. February, 2013.

25. Grass-root Globalization:
aaaaCultural Practice and Life Strategy at a World Heritage Village in Northern Luzon
SHIMIZU, Hiromu. January, 2013.

24. Fishing and Subsistence Strategies in the Celebes Sea: Ethno-Archaeological Approach to Area Studies
ONO, Rintaro. March, 2011.

23. Reconfiguring Cambodian Rural Villages
KOBAYASHI, Satoru. February, 2011.

22. Living with the Risk: Responses of the Lower-classes in Bangkok
ENDO, Tamaki February, 2011.

21. The Global Economy and a Local Society: Sweets and Bitters of People in West Java, 1700-1830
OHASHI, Atsuko July, 2010.

20. The Power Structure of Burma: Civil-Military Relations in Ne Win Regime, 1962-1988
NAKANISHI, Yoshihiro. June, 2009.

19. Practical Religions in Mainland Southeast Asia: Topology of Religion from the Region and “In-Betweenness”
HAYASHI, Yukio, ed. February, 2009.

18. Transnational Formation of  Southeast Asian Multiethnic Society
TSUBOUCHI, Yoshihiro. February, 2009.

17. Social History of Frontiers: When the State Declares Possession
 ISHIKAWA, Noboru. March, 2008.

16. Rural Development and Changing Class Structure in Bangladesh
FUJITA, Koichi. January, 2005.

15. Living on the Periphery: Development and Islamization among the Orang Asli of Malaysia
NOBUTA, Toshihiro. December, 2004.

14. Democratization in Thailand: Grappling with Realities
TAMADA, Yoshifumi. July, 2003.

13. Family Circle and Area Studies
TACHIMOTO, Narifumi. August, 2000.

12.Practical Buddhism among the Thai-Lao in Northeast Thailand: Religion in the Making of a region
HAYASHI, Yukio. April, 2000.

11.Sipsongpanna: A Premodern Tai State of Intermontane Basins in Yunnan
KATO, Kumiko. February, 2000.

10.Indigenous Theories of Area Development
HARA, Yonosuke, ed. February, 2000.

9.Theories on the Formation of Area
TSUBOUCHI, Yoshihiro, ed. February, 2000.

8.Trials for Inter-Area Comparative Studies, Part2.
TAKAYA, Yoshikazu, ed. August, 1999.

7.Community-Based Industry in Indonesia: What Is a Path to the Recovery of Asian Economies?
MIZUNO, Kosuke. May, 1999.

6.In Search of Global Area Studies
TSUBOUCHI, Yoshihiro, ed. February, 1999.

5.Trials for Inter-Area Comparative Studies, Part 1.
TAKAYA, Yoshikazu, ed. January, 1999.

4.Historical Demography of Sparsely Populated Southeast Asia
TSUBOUCHI, Yoshihiro. September, 1998.

3.Area Studies Methodologies
TACHIMOTO, Narifumi. December, 1996.

2. Eurasia in Terms of the “Unit World” Concept
TAKAYA, Yoshikazu. September, 1996.

1.Twenty Years of Change and Continuity in a Malay Village
TSUBOUCHI, Yoshihiro. January, 1996.