Fishing and Subsistence Strategies in the Celebes Sea

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24. Fishing and Subsistence Strategies in the Celebes Sea: Ethno-Archaeological Approach to Area Studies.

ONO, Rintaro.
Published in March, 2011.
Kyoto University Press.



This book investigates the history of marine exploitation and the development of subsistence strategies in the Celebes Sea as one of the maritime worlds that exist in Insular Southeast Asia. The Celebes Sea is a conceptual
zone based on a historical and ecological background which includes Borneo Island in Malaysia, Mindanao Island  in Philippines, and Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, together with two small islands groups, the Sulu Islands in Philippines  and Sangihe-Talaud Islands in Indonesia. The temporal framework of this book covers a period from the late  Pleistocene to Holocene until present times (over 30,000 years), but mainly focuses after Neolithic times (about  4,000 years) corresponding to the history of the Austronesian speaking people who are currently the major population stretching across Insular Southeast Asia and Oceania.