CSEAS Monograph Series : Call for Application

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At CSEAS, we publish the following monograph series in cooperation with various publishers;

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Philippine Studies (English)

Kyoto University Press and Ateneo de Manila University Press

Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies (English)
Kyoto University Press and NUS Press

Kyoto Area Studies on Asia (English)
Kyoto University Press and Trans Pacific Press

Kyoto Area Studies on Asia (Japanese)
Kyoto University Press

Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (English)
University of Hawai`i Press

CSEAS Monographs (Japanese)

Chiikikenkyu no Furonteia (Japanese)
Kyoto University Press

Frontiers of Area Studies (English)
Kyoto University Press

We welcome manuscripts of high scholarly merit on Southeast Asia.  We do expect all of our authors to make the utmost effort to seek financial support for their publications. Manuscripts will be received any time. However, if you are a resident of Japan and plan to apply for the Grant-in-Aid for publication from JSPS, you must submit the manuscript by the end of April for Kyoto University Press (or the end of February in the case of U of Hawai`i Press).
If you plan to submit your manuscript, please contact us (editorial@cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp) via e-mail.

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CSEAS Monograph Series : Others

Kantaiheiyou Kenkyu-Sosho (Asia-Pacific Area Studies Series) (Japanese) Kyoto University Press

Saigai Taio no Chiiki-Kenkyu-Sosho (Area Studies on Disaster Risk Management Series) (Japanese) Kyoto University Press

Sokan Chiiki-Kenkyu-Sosho (Exploring Area Studies Series) (Japanese) Seikyusha

Information and Field Science (Booklet Series)(Japanese) Kyoto University Press