CSEAS Monographs (Japanese)

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The first book in this series was published in 1966, almost at the same time that the Center was founded. After the 4th volume, Sobunsha (Tokyo) published up to Vol.24 the final volume in 1991. Of all the volumes, 14 were monographs by CSEAS staff or related scholars, 8 were edited volumes, and 2 were translations. The edited volumes include collections of representative works by CSEAS staff on the occasions of the 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversaries. One might say that each volume opened new horizons in the field of Southeast Asian Studies at the time.


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24.Tropical Rain Forest World in South-east Asia.
aaaaYamada, Isamu. 1991.

23.Traditional Structure and Its Change in Don Daeng Village.
aaaaKuchiba, Masuo, ed. 1990.

22.Don Daeng: Agroecology of a Northeast Thai Village.
aaaaFukui, Hayao. 1988.

21.The Formation of a Vietnamese Village Community with Special Reference to the Historical Development
aaaaof the Communal Padi-Field or the Cong-Dien.

aaaaSakurai, Yumio. 1987.

20.The Structure and Change of Southeast Asia.
aaaaIshii, Yoneo, ed. 1986.

19.Population in Southeast Asia.
aaaaKobayashi, Kazumasa. 1984.

18.Agricultural Evolution in the Tropical Delta: The Case of the Menam Chao Phraya Delta.
aaaaTakaya, Yoshikazu. 1982.

17.A Study of Indonesian Nationalism: Evolution and Development of Tamann Siswa.
aaaaTsuchiya, Kenji. 1982.

16.Social Organization of Thai Villages.
aaaaMizuno, Koichi. 1981.

15.The World of Southeast Asia: Verification of Its Images.
aaaaWatabe, Tadayo, ed. 1980.

14.Economic Trends in Communist China. Translated by S. Ichimura et al.
aaaaEckstein, A.; Galenson, W.; and LIU, T. A. 1979.

13.Political Corruption in Southeast Asia.
aaaaNishihara, Masashi, ed. 1976.

12.The Structure and Change of Malayan Villages.
aaaaKuchiba, Masuo; Tsubouchi, Yoshihiro; and Maeda, Narifumi, ed. 1976.

11.The Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia.
aaaaIchimura, Shinichi, ed. 1975.

10.Rice in Indonesia.
aaaaMotooka, Takeshi. 1975.

9.Political Sociology of Theravada Buddhism.
aaaIshii, Yoneo. 1975.

8.Thailand: A Rice-Growing Society.
aaaIshii, Yoneo, ed. 1975.

7.Southeast Asia: Nature, Society and Economy.
aaaIchimura, Shinichi, ed. 1974.

6.Burma: Land, History and Economy. Translated by Yasuo Nogami.
aaaStorz, H. 1974.

5.Social and Cultural Change of Karens.
aaaIijima, Shigeru. 1971.

aaaTsubouchi, Yoshihiro and Tsubouchi, Reiko. 1971.

3.Agricultural Development of Southeast Asia.
aaaMotooka, Takeshi. 1968.

2.Modern Political History of Thailand and Burma.
aaaYano, Toru. 1968.

1.Primitive Form of the Idea of the Other World.
aaaTanase, Joji. 1966.