Kyoto Area Studies on Asia (in English)

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This Series was inaugurated in 1999 as a sister series of the Japanese Chiiki-Kenkyu-Sosho.  It is a co-production between Kyoto University Press and Trans-Pacific Press. As with its Japanese counterpart series, it was primarily designed as an outlet for CSEAS faculty’s work. However, after 2000, we have opened it to submissions from area studies scholars from all over Asia. Increasing globalization has rendered all the more important our endeavor to understand the region and to address issues that arise from the region. On the foundation of our accumulated scholarship, this series seeks original contributions to Southeast Asian Studies, and prioritizes scholarly works based on sound research data and pathbreaking discussions from Japan and all of Asia. The refereeing process is carried out by the publications committee of CSEAS, who commission at least three top specialists in the field as evaluators. Production is done by Trans-Pacific Press.

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【Back Numbers】

30. Money-lending Contracts in Konbaung Burma: Another Interpretation of an Early Modern Society in Southeast Asia

SAITO Teruko
February, 2024

29. At the Edge of Mangrove Forest:
  The Suku Asli and the Quest for Indigeneity, Ethnicity, and Development

  OSAWA Takamasa
  June, 2022

28. Bali and Hinduism in Indonesia: The Institutionalization of a Minority Religion
  NAGAFUCHI Yasuyuki
  February, 2022

27. Violence and Democracy: The Collapse of One-Party Dominant Rule in India
  June, 2020

26. Conceptualizing the Malay World: Colonialism and Pan-Malay Identity in Malaya
  SODA Naoki
  February, 2020

25. Grassroots Globalization: Reforestation and Cultural Revitalization in the Philippine
  SHIMIZU Hiromu; Translated by Alexander Brown
  February, 2019

24. The End of Personal Rule: Golkar and the Transformation of the Suharto Regime
  MASUHARA Ayako; Translated by Yuri Kamada
  March, 2015

23. Politics of Ethnic Classification in Vietnam
  ITO Masako; Translated by Minako Sato
  February, 2013

22. Development Monks in Northeast Thailand.
  Pinit Lapthananon
  February, 2012

21. Bangsa and Umma: Development of People-grouping Concepts in Islamized Southeast Asia.
  YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki; Anthony Milner; KAWASHIMA Midori; and ARAI Kazuhiro, eds.
  February, 2011

20. The Limits of Tradition: Peasants and Land Conflicts in Indonesia.
  URANO Mariko
  February, 2010

19. Re-thinking Economic Development: The Green Revolution, Agrarian Structure and Transformation in Bangladesh
  FUJITA Koichi
  February, 2010

18. Farming with Fire and Water: The Human Ecology of a Composite Swiddening Community in Vietnam’s Northern Mountains
  Tran Duc Vien; A.Terry Rambo; and Nguyen Thanh Lam, eds.
  August, 2009

17. The Rise of Middle Classes in Southeast Asia
  SHIRAISHI Takashi; and Pasuk Phongpaichit, eds.
  February, 2008

16. East Asian Economies and New Regionalism
  ABE Shigeyuki; and Bhanupong Nidhipraba, eds.
  February, 2008

15. Myths and Realities: The Democratization of Thai Politics
  TAMADA Yoshifumi
  February, 2008

14. Living on the Periphery: Development and Islamization among the Orang Asli.
  NOBUTA Toshihiro
  February, 2008

13. People on the Move: Rural-Urban Interactions in Sarawak
  SODA Ryoji
  February, 2007

12. Dislocating Nation-States: Globalization in Asia and Africa
  P. N. Abinales; ISHIKAWA Noboru; and TANABE Akio, eds.
  February, 2005

11. After the Crisis: Hegemony, Technocracy and Governance in Southeast Asia
  SHIRAISHI Takashi; and Patricio N. Abinales, eds.
  February, 2005

10. Laying the Tracks: The Thai Economy and Its Railways 1885-1935
  February, 2005

9. Searching for Vietnam: Selected Writings on Vietnamese Culture and Society
  A. Terry Rambo
  February, 2005

8. Ecological Destruction, Health, and Development: Advancing Asian Paradigms
  FURUKAWA Hisao; NISHIBUCHI Mitsuaki; KONO Yasuyuki; and KAIDA Yoshihiro, eds.
  February, 2004

7. Between Hills and Plains: Power and Practice in Socio-Religious Dynamics among Karen
  February, 2004

6. The Political Ecology of Tropical Forests in Southeast Asia: Historical Perspectives
  Lye Tuck-Pro; W. De Jong; ABE Ken-ichi, eds.
  February, 2003

5. Practical Buddhism among the Thai-Lao: Religion in the Making of a Region
  February, 2003

4. Gender and Modernity:Perspectives from Asia and the Pacific
  Hayami, Yoko; TANABE Akio; and TOKITA-TANABE Yumiko, eds.
  February, 2003

3. Commodifying Marxism: The Formation of Modern Thai Radical Culture, 1927-1958
  Kasian Tejapira
  December, 2001

2. One Malay Village: A Thirty-Year Community Study
  TSUBOUCHI Yoshihiro
  December, 2001

1. The Nation and Economic Growth: Korea and Thailand
  February, 1999